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Player Profile Page

The most important element of your recruiting exposure gets the most attention from College Recruiting Coach. Each dazzling Player Profile page is jam packed with multiple professionally-shot videos, including game highlights, a private skills session, and your own on-camera interview, plus academic and athletic information, references and still photographs. After viewing your Player Profile page, each college coach will feel like he’s already met you and attended several of your games.

This example further explains the functionality and ability of a two isolation-camera game videos. From the inescapable details to the beauty of all it captures.

Two Isolation-Camera Game Videos

College Recruiting Coach will professionally videotape two of your competitions with an Isolation Camera pointed at you the entire time.  These videos are totally unique to college recruiting services and give college coaches the best, most complete way to accurately evaluate an athlete. After viewing your Isolation Camera videos, each college coach will feel like he was sitting in the crowd focused completely on you.

One Private Skills Video

College Recruiting Coach will professionally videotape an entire session of you performing all the same drills you would be required to execute at a showcase or combine.  After viewing your Private Skills video, each college coach will feel like you were just on campus, attending his team’s prospect camp.

One On-Camera Interview Video with Media Training

College Recruiting Coach will professionally videotape an on-camera interview with you which demonstrates your personality, interests, dreams and desires. These videos are totally unique to college recruiting services and give college coaches the most personal touch available anywhere. After viewing your Interview video, each college coach will feel like he just got to meet you in person and learn all about you.

Before the interview is conducted, you’ll receive professional media training, which will help make you more comfortable in front of the camera and teach you how to deal with reporters once you become a college athlete.

Editing of Any Video Provided By Parents

College Recruiting Coach wtill collect any game or practice videotapes you’re able to gather from parents or coaches and edit them down to a highlight reel that a college coach can view with a simple click of his mouse.

Social Media Creation and Management

College Recruiting Coach will help you create Social Media accounts designed specifically for college recruiting and carefully monitor both Facebook and Twitter to make sure they are being used to dramatically increase your chances of being recruited.

Mass Email Marketing Campaign To College Coaches

College Recruiting Coach will carefully study the list of schools you submit and then educate and advise you about the size and scope of your target. After forming a final list together, College Recruiting Coach will use its complete database of every college coach in the country to email links to your Player Profile Page several times a year, expressing your continued interest and providing fresh videos and schedules.

Recruiting Education and Coaching Throughout Process

College Recruiting Coach will educate and advise you throughout the entire process from our initial meeting until signing day. College recruiting is much more fun and rewarding when you understand how it works. Coaches will be available to answer your questions along the way.

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